27 Years Pioneers, for Life

The Preventive Medicine Campaigns started 28 years ago having as their motto “HEALTH FOR ALL” and the distinctive title “WE STAND FOR LIFE”.
Throughout these years we have made many successful trips, always following the voice of those in need. Our sole purpose is to shield the physical and mental health of all Greeks who live in the borders and are the ones that “keep secure our Thermopylae gates”.

As PIONEERS in this endless journey, we came across a lot of difficulties, but we found a great deal of response. And that’s because we had and we still have standing by us worthy Fellows, Volunteers Doctors and Nurses and also SPONSORS that trust and support us. These are the ones who give us the strength to overcome any difficulties.

Preventive Medicine Campaigns Goals:

  • To shield the mental and physical health of the citizens.
  • To have a team of experts inform citizens of the rural areas of Greece about health issues, as well as educate teenagers about health issues
  • Parents and teachers counseling.
  • To assess the health status of the citizens and refer them when appropriate.

Our Campaigns

we continue our journey with respect

This effort is accounted for by over 105 Preventive Medicine campaigns,
more than 200,000 Children and Adult Medical Acts.