When you open your arms to comfort the anxieties and the needs of young children – and especially the ones that face a serious temporary or chronic disease – you are being in fact “ready for a long time”. And you decide once and for all to always be there for them and to be a volunteer for life.

As long as there are nursing children, as long as they are in need, Open Arms Hug will use their “small boat” to travel in a sea of hope and to offer their helpful hand, wherever it is needed and whenever it is needed.

Our Volunteers

Doctors of any specialty, technologists and nursing staff but also people with or without specific skills, the volunteers of Open Arms Hug have one thing in common: their willingness to offer joy and excitement.


Our volunteers enjoy the generous love and gratitude of our fellow humans. Is there a better reward than the hug of a child? Is there anything more important than the blessings of the elderly who follow us on every journey? Most certainly, the answer for us is NO.

We can all have the chance to give a hug, a smile, a little bit of care and affection to those who really need it. Whether they live in a far way island on the other side of the country or inside a hospital and fight for one’s biggest prize, LIFE.

If this is what you want… You can help us make this Open Arms Hug even bigger and wider!

You will have a lot of ways to support our “We Stand For LIFE” plans.


You can stand for the LIFE of nursing children who are in the hospitals.

You can stand for the LIFE of many of our fellow humans who need us.

You can stand for the Life of today, of tomorrow and of the future…

Come with us.

Stand for our dreams and support our plans. Stand for Life in general!

Because if you want you most definitely can!

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